ETA Announces International Bancard as One of the First Companies to Achieve ETA Self-Regulation Certificate

by | Feb 21, 2019

February 14, 2019 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) today announced the first group of payments technology companies who have successfully achieved participation in the ETA Self-Regulation Program (ETA SRP).

“The ETA Self-Regulation Program affirms the payments industry’s commitment to maintaining robust risk management programs and provides a benchmark for the industry,” stated Amy Zirkle, Vice President of Industry Affairs of ETA. “These five companies have achieved a high standard of risk management, and we are proud to welcome them as participants.”

The ETA SRP provides ISOs, Payment Facilitators and acquirers the ability to demonstrate a deep commitment to industry self-regulation. The ETA SRP seeks to improve security and reduce risk in the payments industry by identifying and acknowledging underwriters who have a critical understanding of the key components essential to mitigate instances of abuse to consumers in the payments system.

The following companies have successfully demonstrated this commitment by attesting that they adopt and utilize the ETA Guidelines on Merchant and ISO Underwriting and Risk Monitoring or the ETA Payment Facilitator Guidelines:

  • International Bancard – ISO/Processor
  • AffiniPay –ISO/Processor
  • First American Payments Systems – ISO/Processor
  • Forte Payment Systems – Payment Facilitator
  • Unified Payments – ISO/Processor

“International Bancard has a strong history of upholding the highest standards in underwriting along with conducting rigorous risk management to help ensure stability and security in the payments arena,” said International Bancard’s VP of Risk and Underwriting, John Meinel. “We are excited and proud to be one of the first organizations to affirm our commitment to the ETA’s Self-Regulation Program. We believe this is a very positive and important program that should be adopted across the industry as the standard.”

The ETA Guidelines are regularly updated by ETA members with expertise in the relevant areas. They are grounded in the operating regulations of the various payment networks, existing governmental regulations, and industry best practices for risk management, to assist those developing risk management policies within the payments industry.

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