Improve In-Store Sales by Ramping Up Online Presence

by | Jan 28, 2021

With so much technology used in marketing, it’s overwhelming for many business owners. Afterall, you’re busy running your business. Learning all about ecommerce, conversions, pay per click services, bounce rates, impressions, and managing your online presence isn’t high on your list of priorities. 

Digital Marketing is critical for your business. The better your online presence, the more foot traffic you’ll get at your brick & mortar location. It’s time to outsource to someone who can help and that’s where we come in.

Here’s How Digital Marketing Services Can Improve Your in-Store Sales.

Optimize the Brick-and-Mortar-Related Site Content

If you’ve ever tried to search for a restaurant on your phone only to find an incorrect or old address, you understand the annoyance. And if the same thing is happening to customers looking for your business, then you’ve got a problem.

To ensure everything shows up correctly in online directories. You site should include information like:

  • Driving Directions
  • Parking Information
  • Interactive Map
  • Public Transit Info
  • Contact Information
  • Online orderding options
  • Hours of Operation

Best practice is to have the information accessible from any page (including product pages)—not just your homepage or landing page!

If spending hours updating your business listings, directory services and map listings doesn’t sound like fun, it’s time to work with a qualified digital marketing and advertising service. Our program will help set up your site to ensure your location is always up to date on a desktop or smartphone.

SEO at the Local Level

Many small business owners doing their own digital marketing and SEO understand the basics. But a digital marketing service can take your SEO to the next level. If you’re not optimizing your site to show up in local searches, then you’re missing out on easy revenue from foot traffic. That’s revenue that could go to a large retailer instead.

The fact is that major retailers don’t use their marketing teams to optimize their sites for local searches. So, it creates an opportunity for smaller businesses to work their way into the mix.

For example, if you run a hardware store and search for something related, does your business appear before Home Depot or Walmart?

If it doesn’t, then it’s time to work with someone who can put your business at the top of the search!

In-Store Collection

The pandemic accelerated the transition to ecommerce. If a business expects to compete, then they must offer some kind of online purchasing with in-store collection.

These operations are a big pain for large companies, but smaller companies can adjust with relative ease and increase their sales and foot traffic. Just be sure to collect the payment online and not upon arrival.

Best practice is to work with a solid digital marketing service who can help you fully manage your online presence. Those services should include website creation built for modern business practice.

Digital marketing services through International Bancard can revamp your online presence and increase your in-store sales. Digital marketing services will drive foot traffic to your location.

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