International Bancard & Zant Technologies Partnership

by | Dec 15, 2020

Referral Partnership Program

International Bancard, a Michigan-based technology company, announced a partnership with Zant Technologies, a development and marketing company located in Wichita, Kansas. This partnership brings integrated payments to Zant Technologies’ clients and partners streamlining their payment acceptance solutions.

Thomas Ford, CEO and Innovations Architect at Zant Technologies said, “Thanks to International Bancard’s integrated platform, our team can spend more time perfecting our client’s vision rather than reinventing the wheel. Whether that project is starting a new e-commerce platform, or adding a complete payment solution to an existing page, end-to-end payments makes the process of accelerating our client’s business faster and easier than ever. As developers, we’re excited to work with a product that seamlessly bridges the gap between brick and mortar and e-commerce and can be used in any site we create, app we build, or any store we visit. The combination of these experiences makes International Bancard the obvious choice.”

Through this partnership, International Bancard will leverage its multi-channel, national-distribution capacity to support Zant Technologies’ local and regional growth.

“International Bancard is committed to helping businesses optimize their payment acceptance solutions,” said John Badovinac, Vice President of Integrated Payments at International Bancard. “Our partnership with Zant Technologies will further advance these efforts and provide a seamless customer experience. We are impressed with their process as well as the ease of integration, quick implementation, and outstanding customer service.”

Zant Technologies’ clients and partners will have access to International Bancard’s team of Certified Payment Professionals who excel at providing a unique assessment of a business’ revenue stream with a precise focus on the cost and security of accepting credit, debit, and ACH payments.

About International Bancard

International Bancard, is a Detroit-based technology company providing full end-to-end payment acceptance solutions for Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs), financial institutions, associations, and businesses, across North America. We offer seamless, secure, innovative payment solutions, take pride in understanding the needs and challenges of our clients, and act with a sense of urgency in everything we do.

About Zant Technologies

Zant Technologies is a development and marketing group based out of Wichita, KS. We provide a wide range of technology services for your business or project. Whether it is building custom web pages or developing tailored mobile apps Zant Tech is your all inclusive technology resource.


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