New Mastercard BIN Range Mandate

Effective October 14, 2016, Mastercard introduced a new series of card Numbers that begin with a “2”. The new “2” series range will be processed the same as the existing Mastercard(s) starting with a “5”. Support of the new card range is mandatory for all clients.

Great news for clients using Merchant Passport Premium or Dejavoo terminals, you already have the ability to accept the new card range and no action is needed.

Next Steps to Update new Mastercard card range:

POS/Computer Systems

Most POS terminals or web-based applications can be updated to accept the new Mastercard card range by simply updating or downloading new software. Contact your software provider as soon as possible to ensure that your POS or application accepts the new Mastercard card range.


If you are using a terminal please contact International Bancard’s Technical Support team immediately by calling 800.827.4880 x3.

Please contact International Bancard if you are processing payments with the following terminals:



Most Vx520 terminals were deployed with a version that already supports the new card range. To confirm capability, please follow these steps:

  1. Press * to view the application screen that will read CommServer and Credit/Debit

  2. Select Reports

  3. Press F1 to select “Summary Report” – at this time, the report will print

  4. New card range will be supported if the report reads XCSB1F540 under GID information in the version column.

  5. Press the red X button to return to the applications screen.

  6. Press F3 to return to the credit card application.

If your version does not read XCSB1F540, please contact International Bancard immediately at 800.827.4880 x3.

We appreciate your attention to this urgent matter. For additional questions or for further assistance, please contact us at 800.827.4880 x3.


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