Payroll Services: Now is the Time to Make the Change

by | Jan 1, 2021

2020  was a rough year for many business. The disruption in social and economic norms because of the global pandemic has led to many challenges. Workplaces are fighting to update their systems to accommodate for work-from-home scenarios and e-commerce. 

Also, advancement in technology created additional security risks that many smaller businesses aren’t equipped to handle. It’s causing organizations to rethink the way they do several back office processes, especially payroll. It’s not just “big” business dealing with these issues. It’s businesses right on Main Street too.

If you’re a business owner thinking about enrolling in payroll services, then the time to make the change is here and now. 

Payroll Services Companies Protect Against Data Breaches

Payroll systems are the frontline of the battle against hackers looking to steal data for nefarious purposes. 

It’s difficult to think of a better target. There is loads of personal data like social security numbers, addresses, and bank account numbers sitting on drives that contain outdated security systems.

If you’re running your payroll in-house, then your company data may be vulnerable to attacks. Considering most businesses can’t afford a data breach in monetary terms or in reputation, business owners should immediately seek ways to secure their payroll data.

The best way to secure company data is to trust it with a qualified payroll services provider equipped to handle the data security challenges of the 21st century. Don’t risk your company’s reputation on an old system, make the change and secure your payroll data now.

Payroll Processing Services Save Money (Now and After the Pandemic)

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way businesses process their payroll. With the passage of the CARES act earlier this year, businesses can defer payroll tax payments. In addition, there are several social distancing protocols that HR and accounting offices must follow.

It means that employers will have to navigate a new tax situation and deal with payroll from remote. Businesses who process their own payroll could lose a lot of money if they’re not equipped to navigate these new waters.

If your business has been hurt by the pandemic then there’s never been a better time to enroll with a payroll services provider. Qualified payroll services know how to protect your business and can take the burden off of your back office with accurate reporting and self-service solutions.

First of the Year is the Best Time to Switch

Any business considering a payroll service provider should make the switch now. It’s not just for better security and money saving opportunities. The first of the year is literally the best time to make the jump!

Businesses who start now won’t have the burden of compiling and transferring year-to-data data to the service. You can start fresh for the new tax year. 

Save money, secure your data, and start fresh by enrolling with a qualified payroll service provider like International Bancard. 

The time to make the change is now. Start saving money and secure your company data today. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you right away.