Reviewing Digital Marketing Myths

by | Feb 10, 2021

Digital marketing seems pretty easy—design a good looking site, upload it, make an announcement on social media, and sit back and service the sales. Businesses clouded by digital marketing myths are missing out on tons of revenue. And during a pandemic, that’s revenue that could make or break your business. The truth about digital marketing is that it takes skill and time. If your content and advertising aren’t relevant to the client, they’ll click elsewhere. It’s essential to stay on top of your competition and provide real-time recommendations to potential leads as they browse. 

To help you thrive, let’s clear up some of the myths and look at the real story behind digital marketing.

Myth #1: Marketing on multiple platforms isn’t necessary

Focusing on one platform is a strategic decision that can net positive results. However, there’s a difference between focusing and putting all the eggs in one basket. It’s one of the key marketing myths that are challenging businesses. 

The purpose of digital marketing is to increase the reach of your business and draw in new customers. To accomplish this goal, you must optimize your campaigns for search engines, mobile platforms, and social media. 

Myth #2: Posting content once or twice is enough

You designed a website and posted on Facebook… Great! But the work isn’t complete. While a sleek site optimized for conversion is important, attracting organic traffic to your site takes effort. 

You must continually post relevant content on your site and social media channels to keep the traffic flowing. It isn’t difficult to schedule posts in advance with software like Hootsuite, but it can be time consuming.

Also, monitor the percentage of new browsing sessions metric to see new customer growth. Ideally, your new content and ads don’t repeatedly bring back the same people, especially if they aren’t buying!

Myth #3: Personalization is complex and doesn’t add up

Newly available data, software, machine learning and A.I. allow companies to personalize digital campaigns in ways that were unheard of only ten (or even five!) years ago. 

But with all the new technology, many less tech-savvy business owners are pushing personalization to the side, as it all seems too hard to figure out. 

It’s a mistake that can cause your business to miss out on revenue. Don’t believe us? Here’s math showing the power of personalization

It’s time to call in the experts

Frequently posting personalized content on multiple platforms is a necessary, but daunting, task. If your business isn’t equipped to launch and maintain digital marketing campaigns, then it’s time to reach out to the experts.

Our comprehensive Digital Marketing Services take the burden off your shoulders. It’s cost effective and allows you to concentrate on other revenue generating tasks. There are many digital marketing myths out there, so outsourcing to a professional service is a cost effective solution for your enterprise.

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