Jeff Dworack

Vice President of Premier Accounts

Jeff Dworack is International Bancard’s Vice President of Premier Accounts, which he joined in 2003. In his role, Dworack leads the Sales Department where he specializes in designing custom tailored solutions that not only maximize operational efficiencies but also provide the best possible processing costs for clients.

In his current role, Jeff works with clients to understand their needs to design a solution that will be implemented. Prior to International Bancard, Dworack was Assistant Vice President at Global Commercial Credit. At GCC, Jeff became an Interchange specialist, gaining a deep knowledge of different credit card transaction types, and of the sophisticated hardware and software that make them safe and convenient. Dworack has also held the positions of General Manager and Vice President of Operations at International Bancard.

With a Bachelor of Science and a Major in International Finance at Walsh College, Dworack currently resides in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.