Just what is a virtual terminal anyway?

A virtual terminal is web-based payment software. With a virtual terminal your business accepts credit and debit card payments without a traditional credit card terminal. All you need is internet access and a merchant account with International Bancard. 

How does a virtual terminal work?

Virtual terminals are really simple to use. Log into your virtual terminal, input your customer’s payment info into your secure page, and submit. That’s it. The payment is processed and the money is on it’s way to your account.

Could my business benefit from a virtual terminal?

Do you take payments over the phone or have technicians out in the field? A virtual terminal might be the right solution for you.

Service businesses like landscapers, pest control, and pool cleaning services really benefit from virtual terminals. So do accounting companies, law firms, and medical offices.

What else comes with a virtual terminal?

Virtual terminals are more than just payment gateways. International Bancard virtual terminals have these additional features:

  • Credit and debit card acceptance
  • Recurring billing functionality
  • Fraud prevention suit
  • Web dashboard for full reporting
  • EMV-compliant credit, debit, cash and check acceptance